Sunday, January 10, 2010

More goodies for the 4Runner

We cracked 500 miles a week ago Friday, so it got its new catalytic converter. That quietened it up and seemed to give it more bottom end. Cool. I had them add a flex joint while they were at it. Cheap insurance for the exhaust manifold.

I'll post pics when I get a chance.

I've been out of town for a week, so some of the goodies I had ordered came in while I was out, all from the same seller.

-  sunroof shield
-  locks all around (so I only need one key)
-  driver's mirror
-  driver's power window switch (finally!!!)

The switch and driver's mirror were good buys. And I'm very happy to have the power window switch finally. That sucker was hard to hunt down. The sunroof visor will be nice to have in the hot sun here.

The seller did a good job packing the parts.

Sunroof shield
  • The shield was covered with that black mold you get in humid climates. I lived in Oregon for 10 years, so I'm well acquainted with the stuff.

    I took a pic and I'll post it when I get a chance. It's still stained after being cleaned, has 3 holes in the material, and had some tarry black goo in a couple places. At least the mechanism works. I doubt I'll send it back, not worth the shipping. Maybe I'll cover it in plush velour... gaaa! Perish the thought!
Tailgate lock
  • The lock for the tailgate came with the whole "Toyota" plastic assembly as the seller couldn't figure out how to pop the lock off. I'd never been in one, so had no suggestions. The deal was to send mine back to him because of that. I am disappointed at the condition of that part and will be sending it back to him instead of mine (I figured out how to pop the lock out). The parts are from back east, so all the metal bits are rusted - including the light bulb sockets. The plastic part was in overall medium condition at best. The "Toyota" is more faded than my California truck's, which surprised me given how hard the sun beats down here. Maybe I'm not giving the east coast it's due when it comes to that kind of thing! LOL
  • And, to boot, the lock for the tailgate didn't work with the key supplied. Whoops!
PM sent, we'll see what comes from it.

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