Monday, June 13, 2011

The lift is ordered...

After weeks and weeks of research, I've decided I'm going Blazeland and Zuk mod.

I'll be the first trying to get 4" of lift out of the Zuk mod, we'll see how that goes! 

When I buy parts, I prefer to go with the guy who gives me their good price first, not the one who I work down the most. Quoting me MSRP is the fastest way to get me to move on, no matter how good their end price will be.

I always prefer to work with people who are willing to set a price which makes them a decent profit, have great customer service (I will pay more for this), and a solid reputation.

I bought the arms used from an inmate, and everything but the springs and some of the balljoints from Dave'z Off Road Performance. He and his team really know their stuff, were super competitive from the get-go, and have a great reputation. Dave and his team also had a great sense of humor while we worked through the purchase process, and they had no problem throwing me a quote and then waiting for me to come back when I was ready.

They won my business. Disclaimer - just a satisfied customer with no other relationship to Dave and his team.

My parts should be here over the next week and I'm excited!

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