Saturday, November 5, 2011

Smog time again? Already?!? Let's play in the mud on the way home!!

I'm always amazed at how quickly time flies when you have a busy life and a project like this truck.

I'm relatively new to the ways of California, so I took my truck down to the place we use for all of our emissions.

The scores were outstanding. And it FAILED due to visual.

1. Timing was advanced 5 degrees more than the factory settings (duh)
2. I had left the boost controller inline, even though boost is only 6.5psi max (factory) with it. Yes, new project.
3. It was missing an important smog valve, and the bracket.

After rectifying those things, I was good to go.

This morning, AAA made the DMV trip easy, literally 3 minutes in and out.

We spent the day running around and playing in the mud left behind from yesterday's rain storm. I did my best to drown it, but it wouldn't do it. Awesome!

Here's the aftermath, including some relatively clean puddles cleaning the goopy mud off. The front tires sticking outside the fenders means you want to keep the windows UP! LOL

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