Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She is alive!!

More challenges on the DMV front - you can't get a trip permit for more than 1 day if your vehicle is more than 60 days expired. Crap. Going to have to rack up all the miles on one day then so I can smog it. :(

It seems  to be running well.  The turbo actually has an effect now!! I can hear it spooling, which is nice.

I tell you, a good-running motor goes a long way to mitigating any frustrations.

It's not as powerful as I had expected given the head porting, the cam, the larger valves, and the bigger turbo and exhaust. OTOH, I'm still babying it. And I mean babying it. So maybe it is... :)

The Total Chaos motor mounts do pass vibration on. Going to have to find some rubber mounts for those. But it feels good to have a captive motormount instead of the non-captive stockers.

I'd say me likey!

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