Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still waiting...

I called Friday and was told the exhaust manifold had a crack they didn't notice, they needed to weld it and that took most of the day.
What about the 2nd manifold I'd brought?
Oh, that one had a crack too. (???)

I'm confused since welding cast iron is actually pretty straight-forward, and with the new turbo, the manifold should be cake to remove.

The time I built a turbo manifold for my motorhome, I used a Chevy 6.5 diesel manifold (cast) as the base, chopped a hole in the side, and welded on bits to make the turbo fit onto the side of the manifold. I couldn't bolt the turbo to the stock location, the motorhome floor got in the way.

But that took just a couple of hours (you preheat, weld, postheat) and was quite a bit of work compared to a simple crack.

If it weren't so warm in SD, I'd think I was getting snowed...

It's Tuesday morning and no call that the truck is ready yet, plus no commitment on when it would be ready when I called last week.

I'm getting concerned. The truck better run awesome...

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