Monday, August 15, 2011

Before and after picture montage

So... was all that work worth it?

When I bought it

After new tires

After the lift

Wheel stuffing

After (doesn't stuff up as far)

How's the overall articulation? Remember the Before has the swaybar connected, the After does not.


I think this shot tells a lot about what's going on with the suspension at the front and back.
The front goes up just as much - all the way to the bumpstops. One of the benefits of a long-travel kit.
The rear drops just as far as it did before - it's being limited by the shackle length. I need to extend the rear shackle to take full advantage of the rear lift.



Front flex
Before (swaybar is installed)

After (no swaybar, long travel kit)

Rear flex

After (stretches even more!)

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